Raising Chickens Helps Delmarva's Economy

Our chicken industry is absolutely essential to the region's farmers, small business owners and everyday families. Delmarva's chicken industry was a force for stability in 2016, keeping its bird capacity level and even slightly reducing the number of chicken houses in operation, while maintaining the total chicken produced and supporting the region's crop family farms with nearly $1 billion spent on feed ingredients.

Chicken industry supporters gather at DPI's 2017 Booster Banquet in Salisbury, Md.

Delmarva's poultry industry is a $3.2 billion enterprise that both relies upon and supports Delmarva's grain and poultry farmers. Soybean and grain farmers benefit from a robust local market, while poultry companies benefit from access to local feed ingredients. Raising chickens also allows farmers to diversify their farm income.


Similarly, our local communities both rely upon and support this economic engine, providing labor for jobs that are directly related to the poultry industry and its suppliers, or induced by the industry. Delmarva's more than 1,700 chicken farms play a big role in helping keep our regional economy strong.

The fact sheets and visuals below provide important economic data about Delmarva's chicken industry.

  Look What the Chicken Industry is Doing for Delmarva
  A Visual Summary of Historic Data about Delmarva’s Chicken Industry
  Delmarva Chicken Production Facts 1969-2016
  Delmarva Meat Chicken Production and Corn and Soybeans Use, 1970-2016
  State by State Meat Chicken Production 2015
  New Data Show Continued Importance of Chicken Industry (Delaware)
  New Data Show Continued Importance of Chicken Industry (Eastern Shore of MD)
  New Data Show Continued Importance of Chicken Industry (Eastern Shore of VA)
  Average American Liveweight per Broiler Chicken