Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. is the 1,800-member trade association working for the common good of the meat chicken industry in Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Our mission: To be the Delmarva chicken industry's voice as the premier membership association focusing on advocacy, education and member relations.

Our vision: To be the most-respected chicken organization in the United States.

Farm Videos

Curious about how farmers keep their chickens healthy? Put yourself in the farmers' shoes with these videos showcasing how chickens are really raised.

Vegetative Environmental Buffers

Planting trees around chicken houses has both air quality and water quality benefits. Properly designed buffers with farm specific plants, either trees or grasses, help capture air emissions from chicken houses and absorb nutrients. DPI is leading the way in helping farmers get grants for buffers and giving technical assistance in installing them.


We know our way around a kitchen here at DPI, and over the years, we've collected some great-tasting recipes that make chicken a focus.


If your business is linked even in part to the chicken industry, please consider becoming a member of DPI. We work tirelessly on behalf of the entire industry. Help us ensure that an industry you count on will continue to thrive.


Buffer Bites: Don't weed-whack your buffers!

  • Vegetative environmental buffers can be harmed by too-zealous weed trimming. Here, DPI's Jim Passwaters walks you through weed-control options on a chicken farm with buffers. - Posted: February, 19, 2020

Buffer Bites: Edible berries

Buffer Bites: Edible berries

  • You might be surprised to learn some families raising chickens on Delmarva are planting edible berries, like black chokeberries and blackberry bushes, on their farms as living buffers - making the farms less obvious to neighbors, muffling sound, filtering dust and odor, and improving water quality. Our vegetative environmental buffers expert, Jim Passwaters, talks about two berry plants that work well on chicken farms in this edition of 'Buffer Bites.' - Posted: February, 19, 2020


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